While playing the game, there are many dangers to encounter.
WolfQuest Enemies

Beware of Bears Coyotes, Eagles and Stranger Wolves.

If you are not careful, you may get killed.

Grizzly Bears Edit

Where to Find: Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek

Grizzlies, (Usually called "Bob the Bear"), can be a real pain.Edit
It is possible to fight off bears by biting them 3 times, (after pups). But in Anethyst Mountain, when you try, you would only get killed.Edit
In 2.5.1, Bob will defend his carcasses, and fight you for them, usually resulting with you adding 3 or more to your death count. Bob cannot be killed, unless the glitch in an older version still exists. Even then, he doesn't still doesn't collapse. Bob just stands there and will eventually poof.Edit

Coyotes Edit

Where to Find: Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek
WQ Predator - The Coyote

A coyote

Coyotes can be defeated with up to 3 to 5 bites (depending on strengh level), and can also be rather annoying.Edit

Eagles Edit

Where to Find: Slough Creek (Journey to Rendezvous)

The most annoying predator, the eagle, will dive bomb you, and your pack, hoping to have your pups for lunch
WQ Eagle

The Eagle


if it lands on the ground, that is your chance to run straight into him and make him go away (shortly). If he grabs one of your pups, it might be possible to charge him if he's low enough to the ground. If not, your little pup, will be eaten by the eagle, and never be seen again. and if it's your last pup, you must either: restart your journey, have a new litter, or resume from your last save point.

Stranger WolvesEdit

Where to Find: Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek

Stranger Wolves, (Slough, Druld and Spelcimen) are usually found in wolf territories and you have to fight then in order to find a mate (a dispersal). Also if the wolf is white it will be easier to drive off then a black wolf. This is something to know, Drulds DO NOT give up easily specimens and sloughs are much easier to kill or drive off and male wolves are more powerful and persistent than females. Edit

Eventually, when you have gained at least 900 xp, you can find a mate. That mate will go on with you to have a litter of four pups in Slough Creek.

The Cattle Ranch Edit

Where to Find: Slough Creek
Cattle Ranch

At The Cattle Ranch

In the Night Mission, You have to sneak around at night at a cow ranch, searching for the calf to kill, to help feed your pups. However, this is extremely dangerous and can result in being shot.
The you have about a minute to find the calf, and kill, and eat it.

The warning your time is nearly up, is hearing dogs barking. Although if you run into a cow, it is possible to "cheat" your way out.